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Dog training and dog behavior

Candy, me, and Molly.


Marilyn Wolf, BS,

BCaBA (inactive)

Dog Training, Dog Behavior

Hudson, FL

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(Available to help 501 rescues only.)



Biters, barkers, snarkers, jumpers, and humpers,


      Running to the door, running from the door,


Chasing the kids or cats or bikes,


and Puppies needing Basics,


I can help you.    


Specializing in changing the behavior of family pets. In-home private consultations only. Identifying and understanding dog body language is very important in effective two-way communication and I spend a lot of time on it. Make your dog your partner in training by knowing what he’s saying. 


Help with basic training to other behaviors including aggression, mouthing, nipping, resource guarding, environmental and mental enrichment, STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog basics, and more. 


Public Education-Speaking-Demonstrations available upon request. Behavior-based solutions to help you teach your dog how you would like him to behave. Consultations available for all dogs, all breeds, all sizes.  Experience with dogs of all ages, deaf dogs, blind dogs, and rescued dogs. Consultations include appropriate book recommendations and handouts.


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