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Sombra on Agility Course

Just finished a session with Sombra. We ran her through the agility equipment! She didn’t bat an eye at the tunnel, the ramps, pause box, jumps at all! She goes right through it! This dog is getting a “college education” and taking it all in stride.

Taking a break.Ready to go again!Up and over.

Sombra Update

Sombra smiling

Happy Sombra
Sombra lived with a family until she was about 10 months old. They surrendered her to Miami-Dade Animal Shelter. She’s now now and needs to find a home, either permanent or foster. The person who gets her will be lucky!

She’s spayed, UTD on shots, 75#, groomed, and being trained. She’s a Dutch Shepherd. When she left the shelter, she had absolutely no training or socialization with people or animals but everyone who meets her has good things to say about her.

Here are some of the things people are saying about her: … has a watchful eye and a playful spirit … rode well in the van right out of the shelter … slept easily in the van at the end of the transport … sweet and eager to learn … eager to please … fast learner … very trainable … highly intelligent … super smart, alert dog … she will be a rewarding companion.

Sombra is getting socialized with people and other dogs. She’s going into town and learning how to act. She’s happy and healthy. She should be able to do well with a family, though she may not do with small children because she can knock them down. As one person said, I think she would adapt as easily to a life as a horse ranch field hound, farm or family dog. She wants to please and is smart enough to learn quickly. She will easily become all the dog you want her to be.

The person who gets her should be willing to continue formal training for awhile to give her the best chance at success. She’s young and will need active play time or a long walk every day.

If interested in seeing her, call Marilyn Wolf at 727-372-9825 or or Julie Shumer at 904-607-2961.


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