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The Poetics of Space

I’ve always loved this quote. The Poetics of Space is a philosophy of intimate spaces. This quotation is the house fighting against a storm and protecting the inhabitant.

The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard, Beacon Press, published 1958, translated 1964.

P. 44   The house was fighting gallantly. At first it gave voice to its complaints; the most awful gusts were attacking it from every side at once, with evident hatred and such howls of rage that, at time, I trembled with fear. But it stood firm. From the very beginning of the storm, snarling winds had been taking the roof to talk, trying to pull it off, to break its back, tear it into shreds, suck it off. But sit only hunched over further and clung to the old rafters. Then other winds, rushing along close to the ground, charged against the wall. Everything swayed under the shock of this blow, but the flexible house stood up to the beast. No doubt it was holding firmly to the soil of the island by means of the unbreakable roots from which its thin walls of mud-coated reeds and planks drew their supernatural strength. Though the shutters and doors were insulted, though huge threats were proffered, and there was loud bugling in the chimney, it was of no avail. The already human being in whom I had sought shelter for my body yielded nothing to the storm. The house clung close to me, like a she-wolf, and at times, I could smell her odor penetrating maternally to my very heart. That night she was really my mother.
She was all I had to keep and sustain me. We were alone.

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