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Bath Time

Hot dogs! Did you say hot dogs?

Bath time at our house means hot dogs. I was trying to get our foster pup into the tub and all 3 of our dogs jumped into the tub to get hot dogs.



Sasha is up for adoption through Lab Rescue of FL. She came from a shelter and went to a foster’s home with other dogs. She was snapping at them so we decided to move her to the vet’s where I would work with her. She was fine around other dogs until they get close to her face. Then she does a lip lift, growl, and snap all in less than a second. There was no way to successfully work with this issue at the vet’s. I brought her to my house on a Saturday morning.

She’s a resource guarder, including me. I have 3 dogs of my own. She only guards me when I’m sitting down, not when I’m standing or walking. I changed where I usually sit & it didn’t matter. I have to have my dogs loose to be able to reward her for not paying attention to them.  I’ve tried having mine & her close enough to toss a treat to both. No go. She won’t have it. She’s relaxed w/ soft face & eyes until she sees one of mine across the house look like it might come over to us, then the pupils dilate. She only reacts of I’m sitting & one of mine come too close (as determined by her).

We can all go out on the patio & she’s fine. We can all walk around the house & she’s fine. They can all eat a meal in the same room about 6′ apart, she’s fine. I had her crate in a room by herself and she hated it. She didn’t want to be in there by herself and barked when the door was closed or she couldn’t see anyone. I moved it to the middle of the house with the other dogs and she’s fine with it.

WE’RE LOOKING FOR A FOSTER HOME FOR SASHA. She should go to a home with no other dogs unless the person is experienced in GENTLY managing a resource guarder.

Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning

Wednesday morning

Wednesday morning





2 Stray Dogs


Big Guy 4-22 Video

These dogs were dropped off in my neighborhood. They’re thin but neighbors are feeding them. The gray one is friendly and has an eye injury. The black one is arthritic and shy but will come to me. They really need a home before someone calls Animal Control. I’m working with them every day & the black one is getting more trusting.

I’m going to start taking donations to see if I can get these dogs to the vet and find out what’s going on w/ them. It will also buy them some time. I can take cash, check or pay pal. Please donate if you can and cross post.



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