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H O W do you train?

Here’s a very interesting article by Buzz Cecil.

An excerpt:

What you do have, if at all lucky, is an 8-10 week old pup who has only known his brothers and sisters and mom and maybe the breeder ― yep, a broken-single-mom family, but that’s the norm in the dog world. Fortunately Dad p@ssed off long before the pups even knew there was such a thing as a Dad, but Mom was busy teaching the pups the rules of being a pup with her. His brothers and sisters were busy teaching each other what the rules were of being pups with each other. But none of them had ever heard of YOU and YOUR rules.

Add to that, when you take that little guy home, you are rrrripping him out of the only home and comfort he’s ever known. You’ve kidnapped him from his own mother ― are you crying yet? And know it or not, your only hope in all this, without otherwise any real effort on your part, is that human psychologists are correct, when they talk about “Stockholm Syndrome”, because YOU are not the victim, when he pees on your carpet or howls at night. HE is the victim. And you’ve got a big job cut out for you. Either you can continue to just be the terrorist kidnapper with your little male version of Patti Hearst, inflicting punishments for rules he doesn’t even know existed (thanks Dr. Ian Dunbar for that formulation) and counting on that “Stockholm Syndrome” forever or you can get down to being an adoptive parent.

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