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Train Without Pain

We don’t bribe, we reward.

We are positive but not permissive.

We pay attention to what our dogs like and dislike and use this information to control rewards and punishments in order to get the behavior we want from our dogs.

We use food, play, toys and real life rewards to train and maintain behaviors.

We understand that our dog’s emotional well being is important. We don’t get the behavior we want without taking into account what the cost may be on the other end of the leash.

We use the science of learning and our larger cerebral cortex to solve behavior issues understanding the many positive options available.

We make every effort to eliminate as much positive punishment (adding something the dog doesn’t like in order to suppress a behavior) as possible. We are not perfect, we are trying every day to come up with creative solutions using positive reinforcement and the other quandrants of operant conditioning, if necessary. We do this because we understand the possibility of behavior fallout when using positive punishment and the risk seems too high.

We train without pain and intimidation.

We set our dogs up to succeed so that we can reward.

We don’t command our dogs. We request compliance and make it worth their while.

But most of all WE LOVE OUR DOGS!

from First Class Canine

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