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8 black dogs

I know a woman who has 8 black, male labs. Her house is on a corner lot that’s surrounded by bushes and trees so the backyard is large but secluded. Her home is also under deed restrictions. She’s only supposed to have one dog. Her solution is to have 8 that look alike. Her neighbors think she spends a lot of time walking the same dog. Sounds like a great solution to me.

2 Stray Dogs


Big Guy 4-22 Video

These dogs were dropped off in my neighborhood. They’re thin but neighbors are feeding them. The gray one is friendly and has an eye injury. The black one is arthritic and shy but will come to me. They really need a home before someone calls Animal Control. I’m working with them every day & the black one is getting more trusting.

I’m going to start taking donations to see if I can get these dogs to the vet and find out what’s going on w/ them. It will also buy them some time. I can take cash, check or pay pal. Please donate if you can and cross post.



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