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applied behavior analysis

Board Certified in Behavior Analysis

I just added some new letters behind my name, BCaBA. After about two years of studying and passing exams, spending many $$, and earning my basic hours, I can say I’m a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst. I’ve worked very hard to achieve this and am proud to have earned the privilege of calling myself a BEHAVIOR ANALYST. This qualifies me to use applied behavior analysis methodologies to help people change their behavior. It will also enhance my abilities to help dogs.

Here’s a link to the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, if you want more information.


Even Shakespeare called Korrect Kritters

Even Shakespeare had trouble with his dog. He called Korrect Kritters.
He was so happy with our services, he wrote this sonnet.

When Chaos attends ev’ry waking hour,
With still more barks and howls all through the night,
It is enough to turn the sweetest sour,
When lack of sleep meets morning’s dawning light.
Your begging cannot produce harmony,
For Spot, the dog, he knows who’s in the house;
Cooperation works like A-B-C,*
And better manners he will soon espouse.
That villain Chaos must needs meet defeat,
And Calm and Patience have to lead the way;
A good behavior? Here, my boy, a treat!
We both work hard so that we both can play.
Do you have troubles working with your pet?
Call Korrect Kritters, and you’ll be all set.


 *  Applied Behavior Analysis
What is applied behavior analysis?
Understanding why ABA works
ABA Myths
Antecedent -> Behavior -> Consequence (1)
Antecedent -> Behavior -> Consequence (2)

FABA Conference


I REALLY enjoyed the conference of the FL Association of Behavior Analysis!! Two and a half days of research and applied behavior analysis. Presenters work in a variety of areas. Some work with children, some with adults, group homes, autism, brain injury, and more. There were also presenters who work with different species of animals: pets, zoos, feral dogs, cats, and more. There was SO much to try and cover. 



This is a picture (by Val Phillips) of panelists on “New Horizons in Animal Training and Care: Operant Conditioning and Beyond. The main focus is operant conditioning and husbandry in domesticated and captive animals.”

From left to right they are:

Eduardo J. Fernandez, PhD, University of Washington and Woodland Park Zoo

Christina Alligood, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Disney Animal Kingdom Behavioral Husbandry

Karen Pryor, author, CEO of Karen Pryor, Inc.

Kristi Muir, MS, CPDT-KA, Animal Behavior Training Solutions

Otto Fad, Busch Gardens Tampa Elephant Husbandry

                                                                                             FABA Conference 2011 Program

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