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Why adopt a senior dog?

Why Should I Adopt a Senior Dog?
Many people automatically think of a puppy when they think of adopting a dog. Puppies are warm and cuddly, and everyone wants to hold and pet them. But puppies demand patience and energy to help them become wonderful family members and companions. Older dogs, however, can be as cute and lovable as puppies, and they often come with many wonderful qualities that puppies take years to grow into.

Maybe you are reluctant to adopt a senior dog because you fear that your time with your new best friend will be short, bringing that painful time of loss closer. But the privilege of loving a senior dog makes every single day special, as you and your companion share love, friendship, and a special relationship that grows stronger with the knowledge that you have given this fine old dog a second chance at life. The love that grows from this knowledge is stronger than the pain of eventual separation.

So spread the word! Adopting a senior dog is a wonderful experience for you and your new dog. You will gain a faithful companion. You will save a life. And don’t forget, senior dogs and senior people bring out the best in each other. Old dogs make great friends!


Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

…  Senior dogs love to sleep and cuddle the day away. They enjoy a brisk daily walk, but the best part of the day is the nap. They love for you to join them.
…  Senior dogs have a tremendous amount of love to give. When you rescue a senior dog, you have a best friend for life.
…  Senior dogs reward your care with an unwavering devotion. Nothing matches the love of a senior dog for his rescuer.
…  Senior dogs have learned many of life’s lessons. They know, for example, that shoes are for walking and bones are for chewing.
…  Senior dogs know that great outdoors is for eliminating and the house is for relaxing. Your carpet will last longer with a senior dog.
…  Senior dogs can learn new tricks and be valuable family and community members. They make excellent therapy dogs.
…  Senior dogs often fit into your household with ease. They find the softest, warmest spot in the house and claim it for their own, but they will share with you, too.
…  Senior dogs make excellent companions for everyone, especially senior people.
…  Senior dogs are often the first to be killed in area shelters. Passed over for cute and cuddly puppies, they often do not have a chance and must go to make space for more puppies.
…  Adopting a senior dog saves a life!

 Copied from The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs.



Sasha is up for adoption through Lab Rescue of FL. She came from a shelter and went to a foster’s home with other dogs. She was snapping at them so we decided to move her to the vet’s where I would work with her. She was fine around other dogs until they get close to her face. Then she does a lip lift, growl, and snap all in less than a second. There was no way to successfully work with this issue at the vet’s. I brought her to my house on a Saturday morning.

She’s a resource guarder, including me. I have 3 dogs of my own. She only guards me when I’m sitting down, not when I’m standing or walking. I changed where I usually sit & it didn’t matter. I have to have my dogs loose to be able to reward her for not paying attention to them.  I’ve tried having mine & her close enough to toss a treat to both. No go. She won’t have it. She’s relaxed w/ soft face & eyes until she sees one of mine across the house look like it might come over to us, then the pupils dilate. She only reacts of I’m sitting & one of mine come too close (as determined by her).

We can all go out on the patio & she’s fine. We can all walk around the house & she’s fine. They can all eat a meal in the same room about 6′ apart, she’s fine. I had her crate in a room by herself and she hated it. She didn’t want to be in there by herself and barked when the door was closed or she couldn’t see anyone. I moved it to the middle of the house with the other dogs and she’s fine with it.

WE’RE LOOKING FOR A FOSTER HOME FOR SASHA. She should go to a home with no other dogs unless the person is experienced in GENTLY managing a resource guarder.

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