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My new role – Widowhood

my Burt New PictureBurton Charles (Burt) Weitzman, 75, passed away on Feb. 6, 2016, at home in Hudson, FL, with his wife and dogs present. He had been fighting esophageal cancer for more than a year and a half and his body just gave out. He was born in Brooklyn, NY. to Samuel and Diana Weitzman. Sam and Diana were Jewish and Burt remained Jewish throughout his life. He is survived by two sisters, Irma Gal and Barbara Rosenfeld. He attended Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan, NY, and graduated from Brooklyn College in 1963 with a degree in biology.

He married Susan Rockmore in 1963 and they had two children Stuart Weitzman, who resides in Chagrin Falls, OH, and Sandra Weitzman Goldmeer, who resides in Farmingdale, NY. Stuart is married to Lisa Sampliner Weitzman; they have four children Danielle, Samuel, Andrew, and Chloe. Sandra is married to Jeffery Goldmeer; they have 3 children Ezra, Ethan, and Amitai. Burt and Susan divorced in 1984. Burt married Marilyn Wolf in 1988. Marilyn has two children from a former marriage; Jacob Wilson and Jorja Wilson Comer. Jacob has a daughter, Brooke, with Melinda Barkley. Jorja married Al Comer; they have one son, Jau Comer, and one stepson, Kyler Barkely.

With his biology degree he taught one year in a Philadelphia junior high school. The next year he started with IBM and spent more than 25 years with them. He had a variety of jobs such as System Engineer and planning and development while moving around the US. He said he was able to change careers without changing companies.

Over the years Burt played tennis and golf. He loved playing cards which included  competitive bridge, hearts, and poker. He used to say he put himself through college playing hearts. Recently, he joined a local poker group called Angry Jacks. Everyone in the group was younger than him by decades but they accepted him and they kept him young. The members of the group have become good friends and were very supportive as his health deteriorated.

Thank you to H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and especially Dr. Khaldoun Almhanna and his nurse, Connie Hanlon. They made the journey bearable. He was in hospice care at home. Everyone at the HPH Hospice was helpful and kind and would come to us at any time of the day or night.

There will be a Celebration of Life at Trinity Memorial Gardens, 12609 Memorial Drive, Trinity, FL 34655, 727-376-7824, on February 20, 2016 from 1-2:30pm with a service at 2:30pm. Burt will be buried in the Beit Olam section of Trinity Memorial Gardens.

In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Friends of Animal Services, Inc., P.O. Box 215, Elfers, FL 34680. Burt wanted these words on his headstone: Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend. He excelled in each of these roles and we will continue to love and miss him.


My husband's obituary. :(

My husband’s obituary. :(

Dogs getting tongues stuck in toys

There was a recent article in the news about a Rottweiler getting his tongue stuck in a toy. The toy had a hole in one end and was otherwise solid. When his tongue got stuck, it created a suction that prevented him from pulling it out. This isn’t the only time this has happened. Here are some other stories on dogs getting their tongues stuck.

Some of these toys are designed this way. The Dog Enthusiast has a simple solution for the problem: Drill or cut a hole in the solid end.

One toy can be used to create this problem. The amazing Kong®. I like Kongs but I don’t stuff them as often recommended. I make sure there’s a hole in both ends. This picture shows how they are often used.stuffed kong

The small hole is stuffed with something then the entire inside is stuffed. I suppose as long as the primary ingredient is soft, the suction won’t occur. I don’t know. However, when these toys are completely stuffed then put in the freezer, they have the same problem as the one-hole toys. As the dog eats into the big end, the other (open) end is still closed with frozen food.

I only stuff one side and make sure I can see through it before I put it in the freezer. Then I check it again before I give it to the dog to make sure nothing shifted while it was in the freezer. This is a picture with one side stuffed with yogurt and peanut butter.

Stuffed Kong with a hole still visible.

Stuffed Kong with a hole still visible.


It’s going in the freezer tonight & the dog will get it tomorrow.



As an aside, dogs with any toys should be monitored.
One never knows when an unforeseen problem might occur.


Petsitter Charged with Animal Cruelty

Petsitter Charged with Animal Cruelty                                                                                                         Burlingame, California, August 2015

A Burlingame pet sitter who was videoed in late July jerking a dog up by the neck then slamming it on the ground and slapping it has been charged with animal cruelty…is out of jail after posting $10,000 bail.

The July video was also not the first one the organization received regarding Levac’s treatment of dogs in her care. Two other videos were received in May. In one, Delucchi said, it appeared Levac was stomping on a dog.

MWolf:  Research a dog sitter the same way you would a sitter for your child.


Two Missouri Trainers Charged With Animal Abuse

Two Missouri Trainers Charged With Animal Abuse                                                                                         St. Peters, Missouri, July, 2015

Anthony Dean Lambert and Zachary Labath of Sit Means Sit face animal abuse charges for using shock collars in a way that caused pain to four dogs at a St. Peters dog training facility, according to authorities.

Lampert, 45, was charged with one count of animal abuse. Labath, 24, was charged with three counts. The charges are all misdemeanors.

According to court documents, Labath knowingly used a shock collar device “to cause pain and suffering” to two Labrador Retriever mixes…[and] …They also allege that Labath used a shock collar device to “unreasonably cause pain” to an Irish Setter.

The Sit Means Sit St. Louis website lists Tony Lampert as the owner and training director and Nick Labath as a trainer.


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